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Chasing the Light

Light is so important to me in the photos that I create. Some people are experts at using flash and artificial lighting, others love to work in dark spaces and create moody images, for me I can't get enough of soft, low beautiful sunlight in wide open spaces.

You may have heard photographers talking about golden hour and how it is the best time to have photographs and not thought much of it. Trust me when I say it is definitely worth having a chat with your photographer about this. This is the couple of hours around sunset when the sun is low in the sky, it makes everything around you look golden and seems to wrap around you and make you glow. You'll notice that a lot of the photos that I post and publish have this look as I make every effort to use this time to take photos. Unfortunately it can also collide with dinner / speeches - BUT this can be to your advantage. It means that people are sitting down, they have food and plenty to drink, lots of good company - you don't need to worry about them getting bored / hungry / thirsty. As the bride and groom often get their meal first it can often work really well to sneek away from the party for 15 minutes at this time and get some gorgeous pics

And its not just outdoors that light is important - window light can produce the most romantic images indoors too. I always take note of where windows are, where I can position myself to make the most of the light and how I can style dresses and shoes to really use the light.

If you are reading my blog it is likely that you like natural, relaxed, observational photography, rather than anything too posed or set up. To make the most out of this style of photography I use light to its best advantage, so if you like these type of images make sure you chat to your photographer about how YOU can get the most out of the light too. xx

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