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Why I love photographing winter weddings

I love a winter wedding - which may surprise you as my photography is naturally very light filled . However I think this is exactly WHY I love a winter wedding so much. Here are the main reasons why and some of my top tips for getting the most out of a winter wedding

The light is soft all day

You don't get that tricky very harsh midday light that you can get on a scorching summers day. In that situation I am constantly looking for nice open shade to prevent getting lots of harsh shadows and contrast on people's faces, in winter this isn't a problem

Sunset is so much earlier

You'll have heard photographers talk about 'the golden hour' - well in winter that happens at around 3 or 4pm and lasts for longer which means that we can get lots of photos in stunning light in the middle of the wedding instead of it happening in the middle of the night!

Light is more interesting

In winter the light is so interesting and you can play with light and shadows. I'll be looking for beautiful window light in your venue, long corridors with beautiful pockets of light, bursts of sun through bare branches - these can all create beautifully interesting images

The party kicks off early!

For some reason in this country people tend not to really let their hair down and put on their dancing shoes until it is dark. In winter when this generally happens by 5pm it means the party really gets going nice and early which means lots of time for me to capture the most fun images of the day - throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and necking jaegerbombs

How to make the most of your Winter wedding for photos

Choose the right venue

With a winter wedding it is likely that the majority of photos will be indoors so make sure that you choose a venue with a beautiful interior and also lots of different areas to make the most of. Somewhere that we can take group photos if we can't go outside and that is aware from the cocktail area. Beautiful locations to sneek off for photos of the 2 of you - beautiful corridors,

Think about light sources

Although the light in winter is beautiful there is naturally less of it so think about choosing venues that either have lots of windows, light interiors or lots of options for interesting light sources such as windows, corridors, doors, candles, lamps etc.

Dress appropriately

If you are having a winter wedding embrace it! Think about beautiful sheepskin rugs, a gorgeous coat or shrug to wear, long sleeves, make sure that if it is dry and we want to venture outside for photos we can without you getting too cold


Remember it gets dark much earlier in winter so make sure you have plenty of time in the light. Plan to have your ceremony, drinks reception and photos while it is still light otherwise time for photos will be severely restricted

Make the most of the winter season

Accentuate those winter elements. Think about having sparklers for the evening. A hot chocolate station. Fire pits. Rows of candles. Really embrace the winter, there are so many beautiful elements from it that can really enhance your wedding.

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