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My Story...

A hopeless romantic with a passion for telling beautiful stories


I am a lover of light and beauty. Inspired by the natural world and happiest at the heart of a great party. I am drawn to people, to emotions and relationships. 

I began my career at the BBC working for 12 years in the Natural History Unit producing wildlife documentaries - this time taught me all about light, composition, storytelling and style. But when it came to embarking on my own path I found the stories I was most drawn to were other people's but I still yearned for the beauty and style I had spent 12 years working with while creating some of the most watched documentaries of all time. It was a natural transition to weddings, a combination of both storytelling and getting to the heart of people, combined with the opportunity to capture beauty and art in my own style. 


"I spent 12 years producing some of the most watched wildlife documentaries of all time"

For the last few years I have been lucky enough to document some of the most important moments in my clients lives. I grew up in the middle of the countryside, in a house full of people and parties, I spent my days riding horses and collecting apples from the orchard and immersed in books where I let my imagination run wild. All of these things have helped shaped who I am today, a lover of nature, of people and gatherings, of love and laughter. 

Today I live in the Cotswolds in a little cottage with my beautiful children, husband and dog. Wanderlust took me across the globe in my previous job and I am still lucky enough to photograph weddings across the UK and Europe. I only take on a limited amount of weddings each year because my clients are more than just a wedding date to me. I take the time to get to know you and your celebration, to be there whenever you need me and to ensure you feel completely at ease with me by the time your wedding day arrives. 

Nature is my greatest inspiration

I'm most at home in the outdoors

I have almost always lived in the countryside and spent my previous career travelling the world to film in some of the most remote and stunning natural environments our planet has, so it is no wonder I am most inspired by nature - how light falls and becomes dappled by trees, how colours and shadows change throughout the day, the natural movement and shapes that surround us. Many of my weddings take place in rural locations, beautiful country estates surrounded by acres of farmland, marquees in the grounds of the family home, a country estate and deer park. I would love to know more about your wedding location


A seeker of light and beauty Katrina is a passionate artist who truly loves her work. 

Drawing on her years experience at the BBC Katrina is known for her light and stylish images. Drawing on inspiration from the natural world and journalistic editorials Katrina creates magazine worthy photos while unobtrusively blending into your party. She is a monster before her first coffee of the morning, the last to leave the dance floor and has never met a dog she doesn't like. 



Animal lover


Champagne drinker


Book devourer 

Being Green

Making my business as ethical as possible

For as long as I can remember I have loved nature and the outdoors. It's where I felt I belonged. I crave open space, fresh air, natural elements. Along with this, I feel we have a duty to do all we can to preserve the beauty that surrounds us, so I have a few small things in place that I do to try to make this little business of mine as nature-friendly as I can:


- For every couple who book me I plant a tree with the World Land Trust. The trees planted help to restore forests that have been lost in Kenya, Brazil, India, Paraguay and currently extending forests in Ecuador. I'm aiming to replace at least a few acres by the end of my photography career 


- I'm as paperless as possible and use recycled paper and card when neccessary


- I try to only British companies for everything I do. My albums come from a wonderful independant company in Sctoland called Wee Album Company and my prints and frames come from UK based Loxley. I also get some products from a great company called Artifact Uprising. Unfortunately they are not UK based but they have such amazing eco credentials that I really like to try and support them where I can 


- As much as possible the gifts and products I send you are made from recycled products or companies who have strong eco values


If you have any other ideas you would like to see me implement please do let me know. 

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