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Cotswolds Family Photography

If 2020 taught me one thing about my business it's that despite us living in the digital age where every screen is a camera, even when the world is turned upside down people still recognise the value of preserving and capturing memories. So many of you got in touch wanting to book a family photography shoot with me and this absolutely made my heart sing. I completely get it, something about everything coming to a standstill makes you truly think about what is important and I think that we all came to realise that nothing means more to us than our loved ones. I myself had a family shoot done last year in the shameful realisation that it had been a couple of years since my last one, I had been cocooned inside with my family during lockdown and realised that we are all changing and growing so much, I desperately wanted someone to capture us as we are now before it all changes again.

So with all this in mind I wanted to write a blog post with a bit more information about when family shoots will be going ahead, some of my favourite locations around The Cotswolds for photos and to give you a heads up about my mini shoots this year.

Light and airy family photography at the confetti fields

cotswolds family photographer at Cotswold Lavender
Cotswolds family photographer shoot at the confetti fields
Confetti fields photo shoot with Cotswolds family photographer
A young family in a field of golden wheat with Cotswolds family photographer

My hope is that by Easter we will once again be able to work again doing family photo shoots and lets be honest the light and scenery only gets better from April onwards! So with that in mind I have now opened up the calendar for bookings. Here are some of my favourite locations for photo shoots:

April - May

Blossom Trees

Bluebells in the woods

Both of these locations are so idyllic. The apple blossom trees are so soft and romantic, all that light white and pink blossom and lush green grass. The bluebells in the woods are also very reminiscent of a time gone by and the most stunning carpet of blue and purple. They can be a little darker so be warned that if you particularly like the soft light and airy style then you may be better to go for blossom at this time of year instead.

July - August

Lavender Fields

Like a scene straight from the South of France this is one of my favourite locations. Lavender as far as the eye can see, a sea of purple and blue, it is such a stunning backdrop for your family photos. I couldn't recommend it enough. The only downside of this location is that it can get very busy but the end result it is well worth facing the crowds.


Confetti Fields

What can I say, these are an absolute dream. One of the best locations for photos in the whole of the UK, a riot of colour and such a joy to get to visit let alone have photos take here. I have families return year after year for these shoots as they are so beautiful. I tend to do mini shoots at this location so if you are keen to have some photos taken here keep your eyes peeled for when I announce them and ask me to add you to my mailing list as they tend to get booked up incredibly quickly.

August - September

Wheat Fields

These are so romantic and film like in quality. I'm lucky enough to live in a rural setting surrounded by farm land and the golden wheat and barley crop captures my imagination every year. These shoots need to take place at golden hour in the hour or 2 before sunset so it can mean a slightly later than usual bed time for your little one, but it is so worth it for the stunning golden, light filled images we get to create.

Confetti fields photo shoot with young children playing amongst the flowers
A family photo shoot at Cotswold Lavender with Cotswolds family photographer
A confetti fields photo shoot with Cheltenham family photographer


I've thought long and hard about these as they are always so popular and such a lovely way for families to come back and get photos year after year. I usually only do 1 set a year but I think I might do 2 sets this year:

April - May

Blossom Fields

20 spots available


Confetti Fields

30 spots available

These always sell out super quick. So if you are thinking of booking one, even though they are way in advance at the moment do let me know and I'll add you to my email waiting list so that I can book you in as soon as they are confirmed.

A family photo shoot at Cotswolds lavender with Cheltenham family photographer
A young family walks through the flowers at the Confetti fields
Confetti fields photo shoot with Cotswolds family photographer
A confetti fields photoshoot with award winning Cotswolds family photographer

I would love to photograph you and your family this year in one of these settings. If you are interested in booking a shoot with me you can find out more information about pricing here. Have a think about what time of year and where you would like your shoot and then please do get in touch asap as the calendar is quickly filling up with all my 2020 clients who I am rescheduling into the spring/summer of this year.

If you would like a newborn or baby shoot then it can often be much easier to have these in the comfort of your own home and save the flower field photos for when they are a little older. If you would like some more information and inspiration about these shoots then you might like to take a look at this blog post.


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