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When Documentary Meets Fine Art Wedding Photography

Wedding photography. There are so many options and so many titles – fine art wedding photographer, natural, documentary, formal... It can be hard to tell which style is right for you. Your photographer has a big part to play in preserving memories of your dream day for years to come, so finding the perfect match should be a key part of your wedding planning.

As a fine art wedding photographer, I also specialise in documentary style photography. I combine the two to produce elegant, poetic images that tell the story of your day. Confused? Don’t be. Let me explain…

Start your search

If you’re well into your search for the perfect photographer, you’ll probably have seen galleries of glowing, airy shots that could jump straight from a vintage magazine. Delicate and precise, fine art wedding photography lends itself to those looking for carefully curated couples’ portraits.

You may have seen formal, posed images of the bride and groom and their guests, as well as authentic photos that make you feel as if you were in the marquee drinking and dancing with the happy couple themselves.

Having a look through galleries of different styles and different wedding photographers will help you refine how you imagine your wedding day photos to look. Perhaps you see yourself elegantly posed beside your bridesmaids. Maybe you’re a hive of energy as you and your best girls hit the dance floor.

Curated but playful

What makes me different as a wedding photographer is that I combine the ethereal aesthetic of fine art photography with a documentary style. As the name suggests, I document each element of a couple’s day.

From getting ready, walking down the aisle, raising a glass and dancing the night away, I capture every second as it happens naturally. No moment is missed, from that tearful grin to that flutter of confetti. The spirit of your day is unobtrusively preserved in photos that dance off the page.

The best of both

Fine art wedding photography delivers on timeless shots that capture carefully planned details. Whereas documentary photography showcases the character of unexpected moments, laughter and emotion.

By combining these popular styles, I shoot detailed, artistic portraits of the happy couple and their guests, but my photography remains in the moment, snapping the playful interactions that make for lasting memories of your wedding day.

Think intricately posed, romantic shots of newlyweds and curated photos revealing every dainty detail of your wedding dress. I couple these with energetic images of dancing and laughter that glow with the warmth of the celebrations.

This combination of iconic, impromptu moments and sculpted silhouettes means couples can really have the best of both worlds. As both a fine art and documentary wedding photographer, I pride myself on giving couples wedding photography that is intricately artistic and full of life in equal measure.

Think this could be the style for you? Take a look at my gallery and get in touch


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