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Eco-Luxe Wedding dress designer - MINNA

I wanted to do a little post today on one of my favourite wedding dress designers - Minna. I know that many of you struggle with finding THE dress. There is so much pressure on finding this magical garment where you will look in the mirror and instantly know it is 'the one'. The choice out there can be overwhelming and more and more of my brides are looking for something a little different to the norm but no too sure where to look.

I discovered Minna when I was looking into ways to have a more eco-wedding and trying to find British dress designers. Not only does MInna design and make all her dresses in the UK her eco-creditentials are admiral. Each piece is made from sustainable, organic, recycled and locally produced textiles. Environmentally friendly production techniques including local manufacturing and zero waste pattern cutting techniques are used for every garment.

Just as important though is the beautiful design and styling of her dresses. Her dresses, are romantic, natural, free. If you are planning a relaxed, stress-free, outdoors wedding then you will LOVE these designs. If you are looking for something that is tight and structured then they probably are not for you but if like me you are a hippy at heart then you will fall in love with these dresses

They are also affordable with prices ranging from £650 - £1400 and her Indibride dress collection averaging the £500. But it is the look of these dresses that I love. As well as being having a boho feel they also look luxe - beautiful materials, beautiful design and soooo romantic.

So if you are looking for something a little different, with strong eco-credentials, a boho vibe and made in Britain look no further

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