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Why being green is important to me

Before becoming a photographer I had the enormous privilege of producing wildlife documentaries at the BBC. Not only did this job give me the chance to travel the world and see some of the most extraordinary sights this planet can offer it also allowed me to do a little to help preserve the beauty of the planet we live on.

I know that there is some debate as to how much good wildlife documentaries do with regards to conservation.

Are we just portraying a false image of a world that is perfect and beautiful in its natural state? Do we ignore the acres of rainforest that have been destroyed close to where we filmed that beautiful bird displaying? Do we make it clear that those beautiful rhino's we have just filmed are likely to be extinct before our grandchildren are born?

But, I believe that these documentaries do a wonderful job. They remind those of us sitting at home that the planet we live on is beautiful and extraordinary and full of beasts, not just humans. It shows us that we have something worth preserving and protecting and that outside our little bubble there are sights and sounds that we should never allow to be destroyed.

So now I have the great privilege of photographing people in love for a living. This makes me so happy and to me is just as important a job - preserving people's memories, creating art out of individual moments, developing relationships with people that allow them to trust me and let me into their world.

But the environment is still important to me. I passionately believe that it is our duty to preserve it and protect it. Not everyone may agree, but for me it is a truth I cannot ignore.

So, I've decided to make a few little changes to ensure that this business of mine is doing what it can to be as eco-conscious as possible.

- I'm going as paperless as I can. That means no more paper contracts and pretty handwritten cards in the post I'm afraid. Instead your contracts will be emailed to you and you can sign them online and email them back. It's not quite as personal as using snail mail but I think it's worth it and you'll get lots of lovely friendly emails from me instead

- For every couple who book me I am going to plant a tree with The World Land Trust. It's not much, but over the years I'm hoping to re-plant a pretty sizeable tract of rainforest :-)

- I will only use UK suppliers. WIthout thinking in the past I have tried a couple of suppliers abroad for albums and film scans but actually there is actually no reason not to make sure I only use UK suppliers. So my prints and albums are all going to come from Loxley or Folio albums from now on. My film is going to be developed by UK FIlm Lab. For those of who are also very eco-conscious I am also going to start using a company called Artifact Uprising. These guys are available to anyone, not just professionals, but their quality is great and their eco-credentials are outstanding.

- As much as possible all the products you receive when I send you your photos are recycled - the boxes, bags, and notelets. I have just recently ordered a large batch of new business cards, but once those are finished I'm going to switch to using business cards made of recycled stock too.

So there you have it. It's nothing major. But it's something. And it makes me happy that I am doing my bit. I'd love to know your thoughts - is there anything else you would like to see me doing? xx

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