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Black and white tuxedo's for a white and gold wedding at The Outbuildings, Anglesey

This wedding was so friggin stylish! The outfits were designer'tastic with gucci shoes and Vivienne Westwood cufflinks and Tiffany's rings. The grooms looked dapper as anything in beautiful white and black tuxedo's while the best lady glowed in a beautiful rose-gold gown and the grooms family looked stylish in elegant black and white outfits.

The Outbuildings is a beautiful old stone building surrounded on all sides by rolling hills and fields full of sheep (so Welsh right?!). Inside the couple had styled it beautifully with rectangular tables styled with white roses and gypsophilia, beautiful gold calligraphy, hoinemade CD's as favours, 'how well do you know The Garners' wedding day games and bunting hung from the ceilings. Over the previous year they had asked friends and family to photograph themselves holding a sign indicating how many days left till the big day and then printed these out on polaroids to make a brilliant display that kept people entertained while they supped on their prosecco.

The food was local and delicous. The speeches emotional to say the least. And the party at the end - epic. The highlight for me had to be the performance of 'All the Single Ladies' by the bachelorette party - Rob you must have been practicing that in your bedroom for months!

The best thing about this wedding? The love. Seriously, the love between these two guys was amazing but also the love and support from all the friends and family around was amazing. They are clearly a dearly loved couple who are made for each and I felt so honoured to capture they day that they were finally allowed to show it to the world by getting married (about time too blummin laws. Mr and Mr Garner - congratulations. And thankyou for letting me bear witness to this most awesome of days (especialy THAT dance...) xxx

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