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What 2015 has taught me

At this time of year it is traditional for photographers to do a 'best of 2015' photography round up, where they show their favourite images from the last year. I was planning on doing this, but as I was going through my photos from 2015 I realised that what was more interesting was what I had learnt from all of these images. They have helped to make mre more certain of the types of weddings I love to shoot, or ideas and inspiration I can give to my brides and grooms, of what has worked wonderfully at weddings, what has spoken to me and inspired me in how I photograph. So, I will share some of my favourite images from this last year with you, but I will also share with you the ideas behind them and hopefully these may give you some inspiration yourselves...

I love quirky venues! My favourite weddings are outside, but obviously with the British weather, that isn't always possible! Below are a few of my favourites from the year: Lyde Court in Herefordshire, The Perch Inn, Oxfordshire, Brixton East, London and Buckley military barracks

I do love a beautiful dress...and what I particularly love is when the dresses really reflect each of my lovely brides - they have chosen them because they represent a part of them - elegant / bohemian / classical / relaxed / boutique / handmade. Each of the dresses below were extra special because the brides had chosen or made them because they relfected them in a true and honest way and resonated with them for a specific reason. Feast your eyes on these beauties...

Couples photos are fun! So many couples come to me saying they hate having their photo taken and are dreading having photos of the 2 of them. But please trust me when I say this, they are fun. We just head out to somewhere beautiful, chat, laugh, I will gently guide you into positioning that is flattering and beautiful and then we just let the moments play out naturally and the photos we get...well, they are true, honest and so naturally beautiful. Not forced, not un-natural,

If you have a big blank wall at your venue project photos up on it! It looks dead good and keeps everyone entertained for ages :-)

Cake cake cake! And the cake topped that made instagram go crazy when Rock my Wedding featured it...

I had the pleasure of photographing some amazing families and babies this year. At the moment I just do this as a bit of sideline, but I've so massively enjoyed it that I think it is something I am going to push and aim to do more of in the near future. I mean, look at these gorgeous little things - how could you not smile photographing them?!

Details. They are a real chance to get your taste, loves and style into your day. Your guests will love all those little touches and I am such a strong believer in your day reflecting YOU as a couple, NOT a pinterest board. It could be that you love candles, old books, a quirky table plan, your favourite drink, rustic signs. Whatever it is take the time to think about the styling and details that you love and make them a part of your big day:

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses were a BIG hit at a couple of weddings this year. I'm hoping for more in 2016 pretty please :-)

If you get ready somewhere beautiful, then your getting ready photos will look gorgeous:

I would like more Cornwall beach weddings at sunset please:

And you know the biggest thing I have learnt this year. Make sure your wedding is what YOU want it to be. Not what you think it is traditional to have, or what you have seen in that wedding magazine you bought or what your friends wedding was like. The most wonderful weddings have been the ones where the couple did it there way. Here are a few examples that include the bride and groom going sea kayaking, a black tie change of outfit for the evening reception and bridesmaid donning wellies in the river:

I've had a wonderful year and have had met some wonderful people. Thankyou so much for choosing me to photograph your day. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. Merry Christmas everyone xxx

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