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Tips when planning an eco-friendly wedding

You probably know by now that I kinda love nature, wildlife, the planet and all that stuff. And I love the idea of helping people to create a eco-friendly wedding. You don't have to be a tree-hugger to be interested in this. But if you do love the outdoors, nature, are environmentally aware, then you might pick up some tips here. So my plan is to do a series of blog posts about different aspects of your wedding day with some sage words of wisdom from some industry experts and some links to great vendors and suppliers who may be able to help.

- First up we'll be looking at wedding venues. Ways to make sure WHERE you get married is as ecologically sound as possible. Click HERE to read more

- Styling. Details can make a wedding really unique. They are often where you can let your creativity go wild, where you can style your wedding so it really reflects you. Let's make sure that those details are green and friendly too . You can read more HERE

- Next fashion. I know this is often the part that us girls dream about for years. How much better if we can find a dress that not only looks gorgeous, but also has great ethics behind it - hooray!

- Food and drink. Feeding and watering 100 people is always going to be a big task, especially if like me you are passionate about what you eat! Some advice on sourcing great suppliers and not letting shameful amounts of food go to waste

- Finally - the honeymoon and gift list. The real treat at the end of the wedding - here I'll give you some great links and ideas for green and eco-friendly options.

I hope you like this little series. And I hope it never comes across as preachy! It's just something that I care deeply about and I know that a lot of my brides and grooms are also lovers of the natural world, so hopefully everyone will be able to get a little something from it.


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