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Eco-friendly Wedding Styling

How you style your wedding day is what can make it truly unique to you. You can let the day reflect your loves, passions, interests, ideas - you can incorporate your identity as a couple onto one of the biggest days of your life. Plus it can be great fun to let you creative mind run wild :-)

Here are a few tips on ways to make sure that what your style your day with doesn't end up piled high on some landfill somewhere

Don't use paper

Gone are the days when table plans, invitations, place names all have to be printed on paper. Try something reusable for the table plan like this beautiful chalkboard. Place names and wedding favours can be doubled up by writing on recycled bags filled with flower seeds or you could give each guest a reusable mason jar or mug that has their name written on it and is to be used for their drinks all day and can be taken home as a gift.


Use in season and ethically produced flowers. Almost 80% of flowers are inported from abroad so try to use locally grown wherever possible. Potted plants can be used to decorate the tables and then can be taken home by guests too. Single stem flowers in mismatched jars and bottles can look really effective as decor and will cut right down on the amount of flowers you use. Where you can, re-use your flowers - move them from ceremony to reception venues if you are having separate locations. Florists such as Vervain Floristry grow and use their own flowers in your bouquets and will source additional flowers from the UK for you

Borrow or hire

There are some great companies around that will hire you all sorts of props to style your wedding day. Using items that are continually reused is a great way to cut down on teh carbon footprint of your wedding. Some of my favourite companies include Another Story Studio, flowers by passion and The Little Rustic Wedding Company from which you can hire everything from milk urns, candelabra's, signs, jars, wooden ladders -a ll perfect for creating a beautiful look to your day

Promote Green

You can encourage your guests to get involved by giving them bird seed or flower seed favours, you could plant a tree via the World Land Trust for every guest you invite instead of giving them favours. You can use biodegradable cutlery and palm leaf plates and bowls which will not only help the environment but also save on the washing up! Little Cherry has some great ecofriendly options


Think about what will happen to anything that isn't used on the day - food, drink, flowers. What can be composted, taken home by guests or reused / recycled in some way.

I hope you've got some good ideas from this. Let me know if you have any more ideas!

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