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How to make a flower crown

I recently exhibited at the fabulous Vintage Wedding in Cheltenham and met a wonderful lady called Ruth Tilley who runs Festoon - a wedding styling and flower company. Not only is Ruth one of the loveliest people I've met in this industry, but her business has a really strong eco-conscious ethos which makes me very happy :-) On the day she was running a flower crown workshop and as a big lover of flower crowns I joined in and had a whale of a time. I thought I'd share a few things I learnt and also do a big shout out to Festoon. I always love finding wedding suppliers that really resonate with me and that my brides will love. If you are looking for some hen do ideas then she does not only flower crown workshops but also all sorts of other make your own wedding styling classes such as pom poms which she also did on the day. So you can combine a hen do activity with sneakily getting all your friends to make decor for your wedding - huzzah! Here's what I learnt about making your own flower crown:

First of all you make a frame which you use this florist wiring for. Lesson learnt, I have a big head...

Next you wrap tape around it which covers up the wiring to make it look a bit more natural. Lesson learnt, this takes a long time...

Then the fun part. You add pretty flowers to your wire frame. Everything we used on the day was foraged and it looked gorgeous - lots of lovely herbs and in season and abundant flowers such as clematis and blossom. You simply attach them using more florist tape and make sure there aren't any big gaps. It was amazing to see the beautiful flower crowns that everyone produced using such simple materials that many people could forage from their own garden. I had such a wonderful time and am so excited that I can make my own flower crowns now. Festoon sell the basic bits of kit that you need to make these so I'm going to place my order and am planning on spending sunny afternoons having picnics and making daisy crowns with my little girl :-) Happy days

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