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The best boho wedding dress suppliers

Finding THE dress is one of the biggest decisions for many brides on their wedding day. It can be one of the most exciting part of the wedding planning process and also one of the most stressful! Often you have an idea in your head of the sort of style of dress that you want and then you really struggle to actually find something like it, every dress shop you go into seems to have the same sort of generic style, you know you want something a big different but you just can't find it....So I thought I'd pull together this post with some of my favourite wedding designers - they all have a bohemian edge to them, they are all quite unique and have a very specific style rather than just a generic look. I hope you find it useful :-)

Sienna's dresses are divine - soft, feminine, elegant with a delicately bohemian edge. They are all hand stitched in London and are a firm favourite of mine right now. Oh and it helps that Sienna herself is one of the loveliest people I've had the pleasure of meeting in this industry :-)

The ultimate in bohemian style - these dresses embody the free spirited bride who wants to be able to dance bare foot all night long, for the hippy inside you, made with the most exquisite french lace these dresses are truly unique

These dresses are all designed and handmade in the UK and a big thumbs up from me is their focus on environmental ethics. All the dresses are handmade in the UK and are made from genuine vintage and organic / fair trade materials. The dresses are all beautiful - soft, feminine, delicate designs and they are affordable too with a sister brand - Indie bride offering even more affordable and shorter styles.

Deeply romantic and decadent in style these dresses are made to wow. Intricate floral patterns, bold statement styles and layers of luxurious tulle and lace creates a truly stunning collection.

Another collection steeped in bohemian style - acres of lace, deep slits, these dresses belong on the barefoot bride on a beach or wandering through a forest. Utterly beautiful these dresses look incredible

For a bride who wants to step well away from the traditional A line white satin gown, House of Ollichon produce stunning jumpsuits and two pieces to produce a truly unique look for a bride.

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