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Wedding Morning Tips: 6 Ways to Make it Special

When you’re a wedding photographer in Worcestershire, you see more wedding mornings than possibly any other supplier. The excitement, the laughter, the flowing Prosecco… and also the nerves, the rush and the potential for stress. Use my six top wedding morning tips to make your wedding morning special. From helping your wedding photographer in Worcestershire capture heart-melting photos, to sharing special moments with your nearest and dearest, this advice will help you start your day the best way.

1 – Watch the clock

Getting the timing right has to be one of the most important wedding morning tips. Whether you’re getting married at 10 o’clock or two, it’s worth preparing a timeline before the ceremony begins. Factor in time for your own hair and makeup, as well as that of your bridal party, and don’t scrimp on time allowed for getting dressed – it almost always takes longer than you think! Allow a few minutes at the end to capture those emotional photos with your mum or bridesmaids helping you into your gown.

2 – Separate space

This is especially important for bigger bridal parties where there may be five bridesmaids or more. Getting ready together will feel like a lot of fun, but there’ll also come a point when you need room to breathe. A distinguished dressing room exclusively for you gives you a sanctuary and means you can escape the distractions if you need to. It also ensures there’s room for your wedding photographer in Worcestershire to capture beautiful photos of you from every angle.

3 – Keep clear

With countless pairs of heels, clutch bags and gowns on hangers, as well as hair spray, makeup palettes and hair pins galore, it doesn’t take long for your dressing room to get cluttered. Ask a bridesmaid to help you keep certain areas clear so that clothes strewn here and there don’t become the backdrop for your photos.

4 - Invitation only

This can be one of the trickiest wedding morning tips to manage, so enlist the help of the mother of the bride or groom for this one. When you’re getting ready for the best day of your life, you want to celebrate and enjoy it, but you’ve got a lot to do! Guests will often want to call in and share the excitement, but your dressing room should be by invitation only. It’s lovely that they wish you well, but those kind words can wait until after the ceremony. On your wedding morning, you’ve got a lot of jobs to do so avoid feeling flustered by putting a limit on surprise visitors.

5 – Don’t forget the details

Remember the stationery you spent two weeks pouring over? And the perfume you had made to a custom scent? Often overlooked when it comes to wedding morning tips, keep these treasured items handy. While you’re having the finishing touches applied to your look, your wedding photographer in Worcestershire can capture beautifully styled pictures of the details that make your day unique

6 – Room for two

If you’d like preparation pictures for both you and the bridal party and your other half and theirs, you need to plan ahead. If you’re tying the knot at a country mansion venue, the chances are they’ll have two preparation suites. This makes it simple for your wedding photographer in Worcestershire to hop back and forth, capturing your wedding morning to the full. If you’ll be getting ready at different locations, one of my best wedding morning tips is to invest in a second shooter. That way you can both have pre-wedding photos without the potential for a wedding morning rush.

As a wedding photographer in Worcestershire who also covers Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, capturing your day from wedding morning to night is what I do best. Find out more about how I can play a part in your dream wedding.

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